We provide comprehensive advice regarding the protection of your information and how to safeguard their confidentiality, availability and integrity. We will adhere to all relevant requirements like BSI-Grundschutz and ISO-standards. We usually proceed as follows: 1. Analysis of current situation 2. Classification of information, business impact analysis and risk assessment 3. Definition, realization and monitoring of measures We gladly support you in: Security strategies Development of objectives, milestones and procedures to systematically realize information security within your organization. Introducing security processes Definition and implementation of process frameworks required to introduce and maintain information security for your company or your project. Security analyses Conceptual or practical testing of security measures protecting a company, business unit or system. Information security framework (security documents) Definition of security guidelines, system security standards and directives for technical, organizational and architectural matters. Security concepts and architectures Systematic creation of a security concept considering the specific requirements of the affected information, systems and technology. Intertwining various security measures and risk analyses to form a comprehensive security architecture. Business continuity planning Analysis of systems and business procedures in order to define emergency plans, create a business continuity management  and execution of emergency drills. Risk management Determination of protection needs and impending risks, introduction and maintenance of an IT-risk management in accordance with legal requirements. Risk analysis of a company, business unit or system in order to draw up risk reducing measures. Identity and access management Planning, conception and implementation of tools for identity and access management, determination of user rights and profiles. Network and system security Conception and implementation of security solutions (LAN, WLAN, MAN, WAN), system hardening (OS level), protecting web-based applications. Security awareness Performance of training courses to foster security awareness among your employees who are handling sensitive information. Direction and management of complex IT-projects Project management, organization, reporting systems, information flow.
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